The Good Old Paperback

You just can’t beat a paperback book, can you? There’s something great about holding a physical copy of a book in your hands. It just feels right. 

There’s a certain charm about books. To me, the charm is the escapism. A good book will have you sat somewhere, gripped, whilst your mind is fighting the Dark Lord in Harry Potter, or escaping a home invasion on a planet. Sure, you can get this with a digital copy of a book, but it still isn’t the same.

For one thing, paperback and hardback books don’t need charging. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you have enough battery to get you through a chapter of a gripping book, because a paperback doesn’t need battery power. You can be quite secure in the knowledge that you can pick up a book, flip to the first page, or the last page you had, and carry in escaping.

Then there’s that smell. The smell of books is amazing. Old books seem to have a better smell. There’s something about a couple of tatty pages and a bent out spine. It adds to the character. New books do smell new, but they still smell addictive. It might be weird, but book lovers should be in agreement! You can’t smell a kindle!

You’re also helping out an author more if you’ve got a paperback. Better royalty rates, especially for the indie authors who dream of living off writing but are so far away from that. 

And finally, you can get a paperback signed! A kindle might be a little bit harder. 


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