Finding Ian Rankin

I first became aware of Ian Rankin when I released my own debut novel. ‘Winter Smith: London’s Burning’ was four years of writing, and finally, April 2016 I independently released her to the world. 

Since April, only a hand full of people have read London’s Burning. Those people are the best people on earth, obviously. The zombie apocalypse novel I put everything into is hardly tearing up the charts, though it did get to number 2 in the best LGBT fiction category on Amazon! But amongst the reviews for Winter came a comment that got me interested: ‘Your writing reminded me of earlier Ian Rankin works.’ 

Now, I cringe whenever I see an author compare themselves to someone else. I don’t do it for a few reasons, one of which being my own self doubt in what others would call my talent. And also, I think comparing yourself to someone else is a bad move. Every writer is individual. Aspire to be, yes, but do not copy. 

But out of curiosity, I wanted to see if I could see any of my own writing in Ian’s work. I wanted to see if this one person out of the hand full was simply flattering me, or telling the truth. 

So I introduced myself to the world of Rebus, who apparently is quite a big deal?! I’ve missed out on years of this Edinburgh detective, and I’ve got to ask myself why. After reading the first novel, Knots & Crosses, I’ve decided my work is nothing like Ian’s. He’s so much better! (I know, I should be selling you my indie novel, shouldn’t I?) 

Ian’s writing is intriguing, interesting and informative. There’s some personality in this early book. Ian himself was quite young when writing it. 

The copy of the book I have included information on Ian himself, and I found him very endearing. For an aspiring author like myself, a young lad wanting to write and get out of this small Welsh town, he becomes an inspiration. 

I will soon be posting a review of Knots & Crosses, but I thought I’d marvel a little bit on a great writer I’m only now discovering! 


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