Jack’s Chapter: My Writing

Hey there! When I started this blog, I wanted to share both reviews on books, interviews with writers and authors, and anything else involving the craft of storytelling. Another thing I wanted to share was updates on my own writing. 

April 2016, I self published my first novel! I only have one novel to my name, and it’s called ‘Winter Smith: London’s Burning’. It’s a zombie apocalypse novel based in London, and is the first in a YA thriller series of zombies and kick-ass teenagers! 

Since that release, I’ve been writing the second instalment of Wintee Smith, and I have some news on it! 

The fifth draft of the second instalment has now been sent to my proof reading friends and favourite twins, CL Raven. 

CL Raven are writers themselves, and they have a whole load more of experience than me, so I know the manuscript is in trusted hands. They also edited my first novel, and that went well enough, didn’t it?! 

Now that they have begun the edit, I get ever closer to revealing the cover – still in development – and the name! I plan to reveal the name with the cover, along with a release date, but who knows what’s going to be planned in the world of unorganised self publishing?! 

Thanks for reading guys. Keep sexy, 

J.S. Strange 


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