Caitlyn Jenner’s New Book is Out. Will you be reading it?

On April 27th, Caitlyn Jenner releases her ‘tell all’ book about her life as Bruce, knowing she wanted to be Caitlyn. Like any tell all auto-biography, the content in the book is sure to get people talking, and fixate people’s thirst for gossip from someone in the Kardashian klan.

When Caitlyn first transitioned, many people questioned her authenticity. For a while, many believed it was yet another publicity stunt, organised by the momager Kris, to get ratings for their TV series and get their names in the headlines. No doubt it helped them boost their profiles, and whilst dealing with their own problems and issues with their dad of so many years Bruce becoming a woman, you knew the Kardashian’s probably knew how well this news was doing for them, career wise.

I was one of the people who believed her. And rightly so, as Caitlyn seems a lot happier these days. Changing your gender, becoming who you truly are, is a huge step. Something like this would not be a publicity stunt. For a while, there was speculation, after Bruce split from Kris and probably realised it was now or never.

But Caitlyn has met a lot of backlash, particularly in the LGBT community. Comments made by Caitlyn as she transitioned, such as ‘I don’t want to look like a man in a dress’, angered those who aren’t in possession of her wealth. For many, becoming a woman after years of being a man isn’t only difficult because of rejection, but also because of the way they look. Caitlyn debuted her look on the cover of Vanity Fair, with only hints of her former self as Bruce coming through. Her hair was long and glorious, her figure was slim and curvy, and the clothes she was wearing cost more than people’s yearly salary. I’m sure Caitlyn has had problems of her own, but she has definitely had it somewhat easier.

It also did not help that throughout the presidential election, and her TV series I Am Cait, she supported President Trump, despite his views on transgender rights and their use of public bathrooms.

Despite Caitlyn trying to get people on her side, the damage was done, and a lot of people are still not keen on embracing her into the community.

In her tell all auto-biography, which I will be buying a copy of and will soon be reviewing, Caitlyn talks about her Olympic win as Bruce, growing up and realising who she truly was, and her relationship with Kris Jenner and her children.

Even before release, it is a number one best seller on Amazon in the gay and lesbian biography books. The book, which isn’t written by Caitlyn herself, but is instead written with the help of journalist Buzz Bissinger, is causing controversy in the Kardashian klan, with Kris saying she is portrayed badly, and she is unhappy with Caitlyn’s tale of her relationship with children such as Rob Kardashian. Of course, this is an opportunity for the Kardashian klan to get their name out there once more, and to be a part of a brand new release, something they are attached to.

Like it or not, Caitlyn’s book is certainly going to be read by many. Will you be getting a copy?


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