Think Children’s Books Aren’t Serious? Think Again

There’s always been a certain stigma around writing children’s fiction. For many, it’s seen as an ‘easy’ way of writing, and even though many children’s books become best sellers, and many are published, there are people who don’t give those books a chance, and write them off as anything but literary. 

Despite Harry Potter becoming a world wide best seller, and breaking records that had never been broken, I am still astounded when people say it is just ‘a child’s book’.

But it seems fiction for children has a lot to be thanked for: mainly keeping the book industry earning a high revenue.

The Publishers Association has revealed that children’s books helped the UK break the record of book sales in one year. The money spent? £3.5 billion. 

And whilst many are still so certain eBooks are the future, statistics are showing otherwise. Kindle eBooks saw a fall of 3%, proving that many people prefer a paperback.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re an author, start writing a children’s book! And if you’re a reader, take a chance on a genre you may not have given a chance.


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