May’s Book Haul

If you’re like me and love reading, you’ll always be thinking of your next read. No doubt somewhere in your habitat you have a corner of books piling up just waiting to be read. 

I get anxious when I don’t have another book to read. Recently, reading Anne Frank’s diary properly – and not because primary school told me to – I realised halfway through I had nothing to read after this one. 

I briefly told myself I could wait, that I could take a short break from reading. Then anxiety set in and I knew I needed to order a whole load of books. 

Hence the picture above! 8 brand new books just waiting to be read by me! 

After reading Anne Frank’s diary, I decided to start with Caitlyn Jenner’s auto-biography. Controversial? Maybe. But I’m enjoying it. Plus, it’s the most recent to be published, so I thought I’d start there! 

Waiting to be read, however, is the book 13 Reasons Why. I’m afraid I had never heard of the book or author before Netflix, but I enjoyed the TV show I’m very much looking forward to reading the book, too, and seeing what’s different! 

Big Little Lies is another TV show I’ve seen people talking about. I’ve watched two episodes, and I’m beginning to hope the book is better. 

Out in the Army is a book I’m looking forward to reading. I bought it partly for research for a novel I’m planning to write, but also because I think I’d enjoy reading about someone’s experiences with their homosexuality in a career that needs men to be ‘men’. 

The other books included in my current read list are ones I’ve been eying up for a while, or ones I’ve seen raved about on my Twitter feed. I’ll keep you updated on my progress of these books! No doubt I’ll be anxious again soon when I realise I only have one or two left to read! 


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