Cover Reveal: Winter Smith: The Secrets of France


I can finally reveal the cover and the title AND the release date of my second novel!

‘Winter Smith: The Secrets of France’ is a sequel to ‘Winter Smith: London’s Burning’. It follows Winter and her friends as they try to navigate the promised safety of Paris. However, they soon learn that Paris is not safe!

Here is the blurb for the second instalment, so you know what to expect:

A new world order, a city under control, and a new breed of zombie known as The Martyrs living alongside humans. France isn’t safe. It never has been.

After fleeing from London, seventeen-year-old Winter Smith and her surviving friends learn that to survive in Paris means trusting those they don’t know. An anti-government, known as The Union, are forming to take on V, a woman who has gained control of the world and has created the dead to establish a new world order.

But surviving in Paris is hard, as those who don’t conform to V’s new rules are quickly wiped out.

This not-so-typical zombie novel is the second instalment of the Winter Smith series. An action packed young adult horror that will keep you guessing, and wondering what could possibly happen next.

The second novel is released July 18th 2017. You can now pre-order the ebook! It’s available worldwide, and on the 18th it will also be available in paperback!

Make sure you get a copy, and if you haven’t read the first one, read it here.


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