An Announcement Regarding Winter Smith: The Secrets of France 

Last April, I published my debut novel. That debut novel was ‘Winter Smith: London’s Burning’, and was the first in the zombie apocalypse series and world of Winter Smith…

Since April, and before April, I’ve been working away on the second instalment, and just over a year later the final draft is completed and editing is underway. 

I’ve had a cover designed, which was part of the delay, and I’ve had the proof copy sent to me ready to complete final edits and finally get my second novel published. 

All good to go, right? 

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. 

I’ve announced recently that ‘The Secrets of France’ is to be released July 18th. Cross this from your diaries. (If you added it!) 

I’m here to announce that unfortunately I have to push back the release date of this second novel. I will now be releasing ‘Winter Smith: The Secrets of France’ on August 17th 2017. 

Why? Well, life. That’s why. 

Being self published, I have to do a lot myself. I need to write, I need to edit, I need to get the cover designed out of a depleted budget. And then of course I need to market this myself, out of the budget that is barely existing. I have to book conventions to sell my novel. I have to make business cards and flyers. I have to invest in a website and work on social media presence in the lead up to my book release. Suddenly, July 18th is around the corner, and I haven’t done any build up to the release. 

I’m still only halfway through doing the final edits of The Secrets of France, and because life gets in the way – a job, two businesses and fatigue – I can only do so much. 

I want the second book to be as good as it can be. I want people to read it and love it and want more. 

So, August 17th Join me and buy yourself a copy of ‘The Secrets of France’ either in paperback or Ebook format. Pre-order on Amazon now! 

Follow the link here: Winter Smith: The Secrets of France (Winter Smith Book 2) 


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