A Trip to West Bromwich 

Well hello to you! I’ve decided I really need to use this blog a lot more, and offer more than just book reviews. Am I right? I’m right. 

Today is Saturday. I’ve been abandoned by my boyfriend as he goes off to buy some new fancy car and overshadow my little 2003 KA. He’s travelled up half of the country to get it. That’s dedication. 

So today I’ve written a few articles for a few magazines, and I’ve spent some time packing for a trip to West Bromwich tomorrow. 

I’m working on an independent horror film, known as Clownface, which is scheduled for a 2018 release. It’s a slasher film, and the clue is the name about who the killer is. I’m due to be sleeping in the same place as Clownface for the next week with the film crew, so I’m hoping it doesn’t actually turn in to a real life horror film, and this wasn’t a coy to lure us to our deaths. 

If it isn’t, and I live to tell the tale, then I may write a book about that someday! 

I’ve got the role as script supervisor, and I should be getting an IMDB credit. It’ll be great to have finally worked on a film set. I’m looking forward to meeting everybody and getting some work done. 

In other news, this upcoming week is release week for my second novel. On the second of August, Winter Smith: The Secrets of France, will be released worldwide for people to buy on Amazon. It’s crazy that there’s a second book already, but I hope people enjoy it! 

If you want more info, read my interview with Sarah Potter. 

I’m currently working on some new novels, one of which includes the third Winter Smith novel. So there will be more! 

I’ll keep you updated this week on my work on Clownface. Hoping to get a selfie with the clown himself! 


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